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My Approach

If you are just starting your health journey, have been struggling with chronic ailments, or are somewhere in between I can help you. I am health oriented, client centred, and prevention focused. Together, we will determine the root cause of your health issues. The goal is to optimize health by empowering you to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle. 

We will build a healthy foundation replacing deficiencies, removing toxicities, and making lifestyle modifications. We can use state of the art laboratory testing to understand exactly where your body is today to ensure we have accurate protocols customized for you. Conventional blood work often misses the nuances of bio-individuality leaving you with sub-clinical conditions - conditions that are not severe enough to receive a formal diagnosis but you know something is off. Deficiencies & toxicities can throw our bodies out of equilibrium causing dis-ease. We will nourish your body and correct the root causes so that you will be back in equilibrium and feeling better than ever. 

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