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Dani Ganassini

Holistic Nutritionist
Integrative Health Practitioner


Nutrition Consultation

One-on-one consultations delving deep into your diet, lifestyle, toxicities, and mindset to get you feeling your best.


Shop the Grocery Store with Me

Looking to clean up your diet but find yourself picking up the same old things at the grocery store? I'll take you on a trip to your favourite store and show you how a nutritionist shops!


"I have no idea where to start!"

Have chronic ailments become your norm? Can't function without your coffee? Have you been told "it's all in your head"? 

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I specialize in helping absolute beginners take control of their health. We will build a healthy foundation through diet, lifestyle, and mindset to replace deficiencies, remove toxicities, and have you feeling the best you've ever felt.

About me

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science. I blend conventional medical perspectives with ancient wellness modalities and state of the art functional medicine to get your body back in equilibrium. 

Getting Help

Much of conventional medicine fails to look at the body as a whole. To allow our bodies to heal, we must look at the whole person - this is true holistic wellness. Holistic Nutritionists & Integrative Health Practitioners can help people struggling with many health issues. 




Chronic Fatigue


Digestive Issues


Weight Loss


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